Welcome to Hi! My Card.
Hi! My Card allows you to create different kinds of ecards and instantly send them to the people you desire through many methods, and everything is completely FREE! The cards can incorporate pictures, videos, background music, sounds, and maps to make them as vivid as the movie Harry Potter! You can also save and organize your cards in order to enjoy them in the future. (For example)
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How to use Hi! My Card?

Through this page, you’ll know how to make cards quickly and easily (Simple videos demonstration)
  • 100% free.
  • It’s 100% environmentally friendly.
  • We provide high quality service (or cards) without ads.
  • You can use methods including (but not limited to) email, social media, and apps to send content to your recipients. These include Facebook, Twitter, apps for mobile devices, Skype, cell phone text messages, etc.
  • Not only can you add text and images when editing your card, it’s also possible to add videos, background music, and maps in addition to songs or best wishes you record yourself.
  • Customization features are extensive and flexible.
  • Templates can be used.
  • It’s cross-platform and supports multiple operating systems, so that it can be used on computers, tablets, and smartphones (such as PCs, Macs, Android phones, iPads, iPhones, etc.) for editing, viewing, sending, and managing cards. (We don’t use Flash, which can create compatibility issues.)
  • Cards that are half done can be saved so that users can continue to edit when there’s time available. This is even possible when the user switches to a different platform.
  • All cards created by users can be managed, including those sent and received as well as drafts in the process of being edited. It’s just as easy as managing emails in your inbox.
  • Cards can be inserted into external websites.
  • Cards can be sent to unlimited recipients and sent in bulk.
  • Recipients can be imported to a contact list, and the user can select contacts that will receive newly created cards.
  • After sending the cards, recipients can conveniently make cards to be sent in response. This means that it’s easier for users to receive cards sent back to them.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • More...